Attendre et Espérer
November, 2 2018
Late in the summer of 2015 my father left. Nobody knows where the leaving go.

Seeing death so close, I began–as many do–to see death everywhere. I saw him in distant wars & with starving children, with the still-born baby & the teenage suicide, indiscriminately picking from the old and the young. Present in the daily newspaper and in ancient myths, the question of every scripture and a pulsing undertone of the romantic poets.

Though there is nothing to say that is yet unsaid, there is comfort in the saying.

This album is for Jerry Howard and for Barbara King and everyone they left behind; for Sandy Howard, Jordan Howard, Hanna Hutchinson, and David Bard. It is for everyone who leaves & everyone who is left.

Grief is the price of love & it is always paid too soon.
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Written, performed, and recorded by Adam Howard with the help of Cameron Reed (Cello), Jodi Reed (Violin), Hanna Haas (Vocals), and Bethany Shorey Fennell (Clarinet). Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering.